What our clients are saying...

"I Love my home!"

Eric was prepared, knowledgable and courteous. He is easy to get along with and did his best for us. His recommendations for house buying, lenders, insurance agents, inspectors, etc, were helpful time and time again. Eric kept us posted and eased our nervousness during the weeks waiting for closing. We have the perfect home thanks to our Realtor, Eric Mott!

Tom & Nancy Lattimore

Found by accident

My fiancee and I found Eric almost by accident through a home advertised on-line. He took the time to find out exactly what we wanted in our first home and sent us tons of homes he thought would fit us. He met with us many times to look at many different homes until I found just the right one. He took the time to explain to me the "ins and outs" of buying a home and told me exactly what I needed to do. He made us feel comfortable and like he had known us forever. At the closing he seemed just as happy as we were with our new house! Eric is a great realtor and wonderful to work with. You can tell that he truly loves his job and helping individuals not just find a new house, but find their home!

Nikki Brockwell

Thank you so much!

I bought my home with no money down. Thank you so much. You have helped our dreams become a reality. My wife and kids & myself are grateful!

Matt Roberson

"Property sold for full price in one day!"

Eric and Jessica gave me good tips on things to do to make my home show the best so I could get top dollar in a short period of time.

Jeffery Sloan

Not the Typical Realtor

Eric Mott is the best realtor you could ever hope for!!! I’ve been a Mortgage Loan Officer and have dealt with real estate professionals from all over the state of South Carolina and I’ve never met a more personable, intelligent, and helpful realtor. Truly, he is the best! I first communicated with Eric through a postcard he sent in the mail. I sent him an e-mail and told him that I was looking for a home. I provided my basic requirements (size, number of bedrooms, price range) and waited for his reply. Eric responded that same day with a list of homes fitting my criteria. My first thoughts of his quick reply were “Eric must not be servicing many clients because he answered too quickly. On the other hand, he may be just ‘baiting’ me.” Yes, I was skeptical, as I am with all salesmen. My skepticism, however, went away after weeks of repeated service. Without my asking, for the next few weeks, Eric continued to provide listings of other homes I might be interested in. While doing so, he never once bugged me about them. If you’ve ever experienced the “standard realtor experience”, you know that this is out of the ordinary…and actually quite nice! He let me look for a home on my own terms and at my own pace. He never pushed his services onto me…nothing aggressive…everything refreshing and great! When I finally met Eric face-to-face after weeks of e-mailing (about 2 ½ months?), he was very pleasant. Eric has extensive experience in “flipping” property and as we looked through homes together, he helped me identify possible problems with the home. He worked as my ally. He was a realtor that was there for me – looking out for my needs. He made sure I wasn’t spending any more than I needed to! We talked about costs involved in repairs following the possible purchase of each home and used that to create a list of truly viable homes. When it came to closing, again he was there for me. Whatever he could do that I didn’t have to do, Eric did it. When things got challenging (as they sometimes can be), he stepped in and fought the battles for me and with me. In the end, Eric became not only the best realtor I’ve ever met, but, most importantly, a true friend. I recommend Eric Mott 100%. If you choose another realtor, well…good luck.

Columbia SC

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