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We suggest you prepare yourself in every way possible before looking for that dream house of yours.† At Hot Columbia, we want you to have all of your bases covered and that means knowing what kind of house you can afford.† Many homebuyers overextend their budget and buy a house they can never possibly afford.† This creates unnecessary stress and can rip families apart.† Buying a house is stressful enough.† Worrying about payments is another kind of stress altogether.† Take the time to fill in the information in the mortgage calculator below and see what kind of house you can afford.† Itís better to be safe than sorry.† If you have any questions, donít hesitate to call us at 803-422-0278.†

1. Input the quantity of a mortgage in the Mortgage Amount field and select the Calculate button next to the Monthly Payments field to evaluate the monthly payments for the property.

2. Input the quantity of the monthly payment you wish to pay in the Monthly Payments field and select the Calculate button next to the Mortgage Amount field to evaluate the mortgage you can afford.

Mortgage Calculator
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